I play the life game by my own rules.

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Ever since Rachel (bellajunior) and I opened up the icon community, puka_pudge, I have stopped posting icons in my personal account here. The category section of a 20in20 challenge I participated in was themed "All About Me". So I thought I'd post it here too, so anyone in my friend list or people just visiting my page can get a glimpse of me in icon form! :P I hope you guys enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Icons for Round 37 of free20in20:


bird dance gold jewels patriotic
retro sweets tree warm window

SPECIAL - All About Me

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
I play the life game by my own rules.

puka_pudge affiliates' page

Here's the list of puka_pudge affiliates!
All the affiliates are listed in alphabetical order.

(*) Sample icons for 989240 here:

(*) Sample icons for wilderness here:

Sample icons for bases_by_maggie here:

Sample icons for bella_sol (inactive) here:

Sample icons for bloodstnedtears here:

(*) Sample icons for dawn_of_spring here:

Sample icons for folique here:

(*) Sample icons for freedomofheart here:

Sample icons for recycle here:

Sample icons for icontraption here:

(*)Sample icons for inspireoncemore here:
Current makers: musicalpanties, tempered_rose, and phchiu

Sample icons for idiotxbeauty here:

Sample icons for innovativer (inactive) here:

(*) Sample icons for lesbarricades here:

(*) Sample icons for lyckaa here:

Sample icons for max_exposure here:

Sample icons for pikkupenguin here:

Sample icons for prelude_of_dawn (on hiatus) here:

Sample icons for querita here:

Sample icons for roxicons here:

Sample icons for sunlitdays here:

Sample icons for thepurplelily here:

Sample icons for traintomidnight here:

(*) Sample icons for vaguelyunpoetic here:

(*) Sample icons for vostog here:

(*) Sample icons for wild_plums here:

(*) = Active puka_pudge members! Therefore, I extra encourage you guys to check them out and show them love!

Icon advertising communities:
graphic_keepers **
lesfavoris (very cool!)
** = Created and ran by puka_pudge's very own maker, bellajunior! Highly recommended.

Comment below to become an affiliate, add your icon samples to the list if yours are missing, or if you simply just want something changed!
I play the life game by my own rules.

Photo spam post!

In this post feel free to spam me with photos that you'd like to see made into icons or banners. You can't specify whether you want to see it as an icon or banner since this is NOT a request post, you can only post photos. They can be stock, models, actors, fandom ones. There is no guarantees that I will use your images, but I will promise to run through your spam every now and then for inspiration or just for kicks. :) Links or actual photos are all okay. Please make sure the images are relatively large and high quality, so I can actually work with them and make them look pretty! ♥
Links to blogs, tumblrs, weheartit accounts are all acceptable as well!
Just a heads up all comments will be screened once I've seen it! That ways you'll know that I've seen it in case I don't respond.
I play the life game by my own rules.


Since I've started using textures lately I thought it was about time I had a resources page. It saves me from crediting the people I got my textures from under every individual batch I used textures here.
So here goes!

obsessiveicons, saved a couple bases, but haven't used any yet.

❖ proverbialsunrise from deviantart, love their textures! Most of the textures I use largely come from here.
❖ Martini-Tiger-Bianco from deviant art
soaked (used for text icon backgrounds)
tomycoffee @ lyckaa
❖ Chambertin on deviantart
❖ spookyzangel @ deviantart.com
likealight @ littlelights

Image sources:
❖ weheartit
❖ google images
❖ stock.xchng
❖ getty images
❖ Was advised to use photobucket for fandom icon requests (but probably won't, added here just in case anyways)

Image editing site:
Picnik.com (Closed down on April 19th, 2012)

--Also, none of the images in our posts (unless we say otherwise) are photographs we (bellajunior + phchiu) have taken ourselves; we just edit them after finding them on photo sharing sites. We respect the owner of the photographs (although, it's difficult to know/find every real owner for each picture) with NO copyright infringement intended. If you do not wish we use an image, leave a (polite) comment and we will remove it. ---